Great Zimbabwe(The House of Stones)

The name Zimbabwe originated from the amazing architect of Great Zimbabwe which were built without water, cement or mortar yet they are like skyscrapers. That’s how mysterious they are to imagine how possible it can be. Situated in one of Zimbabwe’s largest city Masvingo, where the Zimbabwean Kings (Madzimambo) originated from. And also a Zimbabwean bird (Hungwe) was found only in that area, which made it a symbol of Zimbabwean and you can find it on the Zimbabwean flag.


2 thoughts on “Great Zimbabwe(The House of Stones)

  1. Great post.
    I remember one archeology exam during my education period in Turkey. I got the pleasure to write about the Great Zimbabwe. The I realised just how amazing the Zimbabwean Archeological sites are. It gave me pride to share it with my Turkish Archeology Lecturer. He loved it!

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