What a shame! What a shame! What a shame! It pains me to hear that an African is killing a fellow African only because of the word so called “foreigner”. Like I mean for real is this still existing in our present day. Oh mama Africa look at your kids how segregatory they are to one another despite the fact that they are all your children who came out from your womb. It really affects me that I continue hearing and coming across the news of brutal acts of Xenophobia which are continuously repeating themselves in South Africa. In some parts of South Africa people are being butchered and denied their rights of being African citizens. These barbaric acts are being practiced by a small minority group of South Africans which is very ignorant and selfish. I will refer to this minority group as Traitors of Pan Africanism. Why traitors of Pan Africanism? Because a true Pan Africanist, a Galant Son of the African soil Steve BIKO didn’t fight for this. Steve BIKO once said “We are oppressed because we are black. We must use that very same concept to unite ourselves and to respond to a cohesive group. We must cling to each other with a tenacity that will shock the perpetrators of evil.” Surely he fought for our total freedom and he wanted to see Africans living together freely in peace and in harmony. But it’s so unfortunate that Traitors of Pan Africanism are doing exactly the opposite, thus oppressing their fellow Africans and also promoting disunity.

Traitors of Pan Africanism what have gotten into your minds that you see the death and suffering of your own brothers and sisters, as an achievement which you can be proud of hence you can even brag about it all over social media. Which type of mental illness have infected your minds that you see your fellow Africans as enemies of progress. Killing your fellow Africans has become part of your everyday lives, killing people it’s no longer a taboo for you. You have suddenly started behaving like other strange creatures which cannot be even compared to animals because animals protect their fellows from outsiders’ attacks. Traitors of Pan Africanism let me take you back to history. Remember The Republic of South Africa attained its independence in 1994. And this was made all possible by the spirit of brotherhood and togetherness (the spirit of Ubuntu) which was shown by fellow Africans which you are now labeling foreigners. It’s because of these people that today you can exercise your rights of beings citizens. Due to the blood shed of these innocent souls who respected and honored Pan Africanism ideology today you have the guts to strike fire on your fellow Africans. You should not forget that many Africans perished in the liberation struggle for South Africa. After all these sacrifices what we can get from you as a reward is harassment, beating and killing. What a shame! What a shame! What a shame!

Xenophobia is socially unacceptable at all because mama Africa is our one and only home. These barbaric acts should come to an end because Africans cannot continue to be enslaved in their own home land, the place where they are supposed to feel free and comfortable. As an advice to the Traitors of Pan Africanism which are behaving like wild animals, reread your history so that you can see how important is Pan Africanism which promotes unity amongst ourselves for the betterment of our tomorrow.

Writer: Timothy PEREGO


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