My perspective: Africans taking a lead in building their own economies.

africa map 1Colonialization of Africa was a well planned game aimed at sourcing raw materials, cheap labour and markets for the industrialization process which was taking place in Europe. At Berlin conference (1884-1885) the white imperialists divided the entire African continent amongst themselves and finally they have achieved their main objective of building their economies and make Europe a developed continent. Africans we should learn from this and develop our own strategies to avoid situations of this sort happening again and we should also find better ways of developing our own economies.

Today as the African continent we see most of our academic brains migrating to these developed countries because of luring factors such as good standards of living, high income levels and with this, these economies they continue to expand. However to a larger extent the interesting part of this tragic history is the backbone of these economies were build at our own expense. Even though colonialism wasn’t a friendly process, it’s undeniable that we really contributed much to their economies. There’s something which we cannot not side-line here, not only the imperialists benefited even some of our African leaders of that time benefited as well since they allowed themselves to be used in betraying us and destroying our future. If this situation is to be analysed from an argument point of view some of us can argue that really these guys have failed us, instead of giving in to this colonialism game they should have avoided this and fought for our legacy. However on the other hand if we are to analyse from a modern world point of view, we can see that this couldn’t be avoided because change is inevitable and societies had to change. After making this brief historical analysis of how Africa got to be what it is today, I can therefore lay out my point of argument that as Africans we aren’t obliged to continue falling in the same trap and repeat the same mistakes.

Today we Africans instead of uniting for a common goal which is building our continent, we prefer to fight only because we speak different foreign languages the likes of French, English and Portuguese. But Africans why so? Have we forgotten that these same languages were used as a tool of our destruction during colonialism? Africans we prefer abandoning our own homeland to go and build the already developed continents, for us to continue begging. Due to the ignorance in us we continue promoting and defending the same white imperialists who have used us and left us in this mess. Protecting and reserving our natural resources should be one of our major responsibility, but we feel comfortable in cheating ourselves and let our own heritage disappear in such a horrific manner without explanations. We are proud to be put in the forefront for causing havoc and disorder in our peaceful countries through formation of many political parties and movements which tends to propagate the western ideology and facilitate the achievement of regime change.

Africans why do we act as if we hate ourselves up to this extent, whilst we are aware of the unconditional love we have for ourselves? Why are we pretending as if we don’t believe in ourselves, whilst we know that we have best abilities of making ourselves better people? When are we planning to stop all these capitalistic games and start building our own economies? All the above questions are food for thought. Africans let’s we not continue blaming colonialism for our current condition. Because the decision to change this situation lies with us. We are accountable and responsible for our own lives.

Writer: Timothy PEREGO

Researcher at Centre For Africa Strategic Studies (AFSAM)


3 thoughts on “My perspective: Africans taking a lead in building their own economies.

  1. Hindsight is perfect 20/20. It is easy now to see what was done to you and your continent. Everything you say is so correct. But what was done in greed has affected everyone in the world. Look what America has done to the people of your country as well. America stole it’s country from another race it decimated and still does. It convinces white people they, for some unknown reason are somehow superior to any other skin color and they do it with hate and killing and imprisonment. Our country here is on the verge of civil war that has been planned, so once again the strong can kill the weak. People now are learning the truth and feel helpless to do anything about it so instead they stick their head in the sand. The rest of us are fighting and screaming trying to wake them up – that it is not the many generations later from those kidnapped from their families who are the enemy of the people. WE are the enemy of our people. But I think America will have to destroy itself first because never before have we had a regime so hellbent on destroying it’s own people. They have literally said, the poor and those with disabilities don’t deserve to live, as they try to cut our ability to have medical care. I am in the middle of these two different color people. 3 of my 7 grandchildren are mixed white/black and another mixed with Hispanic – and couldn’t pass for white if they wanted to. So now they will be subject to the racism so inflicted on people today. So I write and write and write and try to wake them up one by one.

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