When will we heed to Mama Africa’s cries!


Mama Africa has been crying to long now. Whenever you look at the lives of your Children and whenever you see how they are being treated by outsiders and how they treat each other. The pain simply is reconfirmed.

Mama Africa I know you have long been desiring for and you still want to see yourself developing, existing as a very peaceful continent, you want to enjoy the fruits of your trees such as gold, diamonds, petrol, you want to see your children reading books which are written by their fellow African brothers and sisters, you want to have high birth rates with low death rates so that you can see your children growing up, you want your children to afford basic health facilities at hospitals which provide quality health care, you want all your children to live under the equal prosperous conditions where rural and urban life facilities such as electricity, Internet, tap water, tarred roads, well-structured houses and buildings will also be available to all who reside in your land, you want to see your children being able to find appropriate employment as per their qualifications when they apply for it and not to see your children being unemployed due to this pestilence called corruption, you want to see your children living together as one big family without discrimination according to religion, sex, color, social status, political affiliation etc., you want to see your children possessing a strong sense of humor, as well as a strong sense of compassion whereby they can feel for others in their society, help and love others unconditionally, interact and share constructive ideas with others in their society, you want to see your children progressing in all aspects after learning from their mistakes and drafting a way forward, you want to see your children promoting a jealous free environment whereby they feel happy and proud to see their fellows achieving in life.

Mama Africa your sole purpose is to see all your children living above the poverty datum line, as such being able to afford the basic commodities for their everyday life and remaining with some personal disposable income for affording their luxuries (improved standards of living as a result of high GDP’s) you want to see your children growing up in a very conducive environment full of good conditions for children’s upbringing. As a caring mother you cry every day to see your own children suffering. However Mama Africa I think you should revisit the root of the reasons why your wishes cannot come to pass. Because from the research I have made I think you should sit down with your children and let them understand themselves first before crying over the trials and tribulations they are facing. Mama Africa I think some of your children are very problematic, they seem to be confused and unable to decide on what they really want, they tend to blame the foreigners for much of their own internal problems. Yes Mama Africa it’s a fact that most of African problems today’s are a direct result of interlopers interference, but I think if your children can become fixated and resolute people then most of these socio-economic and socio-political problems will be dealt with. Most of your children should get to cognize that blaming others and fault finding without giving viable solutions won’t do us any good other than creating various new difficulties. Your children should learn to engage in dialogue for solving problems not to resort to pugnacious behavior since this will make things worse. Your children should learn to appreciate others particularly when something meant to benefit everyone has been done. Mama Africa if only you children could learn to humble and be kind to others for sure your desires will be granted and in conclusion if your children could stop unnecessary antagonism amongst themselves and do away with this fraudulent temperament of only one being on top of others.

In conclusion Mama Africa, never give up on your children since their future depends on you, you should continue to educate and engage on personal development programs so that you can instill some sense in your children. And for us as the children listening to our loving mother Mama Africa will take us to another level be able to live better lives in peace and harmony amongst ourselves.

Writer: Timothy PEREGO

Researcher at: Centre For Africa Strategic Studies (AFSAM)


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